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At Everybody's Records in Cincinnati, OH we not only stock a ton of music, but we offer related services as well. Sure, you'll find CD's and more on our shelves, but we go beyond the typical music store and provide things such as tapes, live performances and T-shirts. We believe in serving our customers in whatever way helps them connect with the music they love.


Naturally you'll find a wide range of compact discs records and cassette tapes at Everybody's Records in Cincinnati. We stock a lot of new music, but we have old stuff too! Browse our old records or call ahead and reserve a copy of the latest CD's coming out - either way, we're here to go the extra mile!
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Be sure to keep up to date with what’s going on at Everybody’s with our newsletter. 

Our newsletter includes announcements, ticket sales information, local show news, new release reviews, upcoming in-store events, store goodies, special deals, staff picks and much more.


Everybody's Records offers a number of specialty services to our customers in the Cincinnati area. We can do things such as connect you with DJs, help you find particular CD's and special-order hard-to-find items.

We are also happy to recommend cleaning products and teach you how to care for compact discs records and equipment. Drop by any time and ask us about what other services we offer. We're always happy to help.
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